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Image Performed by Swansea City Opera

Wednesday 1st March 2017

Director & Set Design Brendan Wheatley
Musical Director John Beswick
Costume Design Gabriella Ingram

Sung in English

There will be a pre-performance talk about the opera and production given by the Artistic Director of Swansea City Opera, Brendan Wheatley.
This jewel of an opera is best known for the famous ‘Flower Duet’, which has become one of the most familiar numbers any composer, in any genre, has ever written, even used by our national airline on TV ads as the peaceful accompaniment to a jetliner floating through wispy clouds! As so often with operas that become famous for a particular tune however, Lakmé contains many other hidden musical gems including the stratospheric and challenging ‘Bell Song’.
Like other French operas of the period, it captures the ambience of the Orient seen through Western eyes and, topically for today, tells of religious tensions and conflict leading to personal sacrifice, heartbreak and death. Swansea City Opera are setting their production of Lakmé in India during the Raj of the 1880’s, sung in English and accompanied by chamber orchestra. Like Delibes’ music for his famous ballet Coppelia, the orchestral scoring for Lakmé is delicious and as the opera remains a relative rarity, don’t miss this golden opportunity to hear and see this ravishing piece.

Famous arias and duets include Dôme épais, le jasmin – Flower duet and Air des Clochettes - The Bell Song

There will be a pre-performance talk about the opera and production given by the Artistic Director of Swansea City Opera, Brendan Wheatley

What the critics said about our last tour of ‘La Bohème’

‘Highly effective lighting, creative use of that simple set and space, captivating acting and some superb singing beautifully supported by the orchestra all made for a truly authentic poignancy’. North Devon Journal

‘Words cannot really do justice to the quality of the singing throughout; the principals sang beautifully and their performances were utterly convincing with the effect on the audience profound.’ - Keswick Reminder

‘There were some moments that were truly breathtaking. The full might of 15+ actors on stage singing in unison was stunning’ - Opera Scotland

‘The work of the Swansea City Opera is crucial. They are presenting Opera in an accessible and fun way. They can deliver humour as cleverly as they deliver pathos, they are seeing all generations in their audiences and the fact is, they have a talent for demystifying Opera and presenting it back to all the people regardless of class, age or creed…’ – Love Shrewsbury

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